We've recorded our webinars and workshops so that all businesses can benefit. All you need to do is select a webinar and register your details and you'll be sent a link and password to be able to watch the session.

Zoom event 2

Healthtech Comms & PR 101

Find out about how you can promote your healthtech company and gain a wider audience. Luke Faulkner from HSC Ventures and Dr James Somauroo from...
Products as a medical device

Medical device regulations for products

Find out about medical device regulations for products as medical devices. Luke Faulkner from HSC Ventures and Rita Hendricusdottir from Oxford Global Guidance discuss what...
HSC Ventures Pandemics

Pandemics, Public Health and Data Ethics

Find out about data ethics in the health sector and how, when and why data should be used to inform and guide. Luke Faulkner from...
Business model canvas

Building your business model

Have you though about doing a business plan recently? Why not find out how to build your business model on one page with Luke Faulkner...
Webinar Value Proposition

Defining Your Value

Where is the real value in your business? Luke Faulkner from HSC Ventures and David Richards from Talk About Value look closely at where to...
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