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Applications for our cohort are currently closed but if you would like to be placed on the waiting list then please complete the application. We also have a wealth of support available from our webinars and also upcoming events.

Themes for cohort applications.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are looking to help and assist businesses with innovations that are aimed at prevention, management and recovery. These 3 themes are a key focus to help the NHS and Social Care sector in dealing and managing with the current and future pandemics. When completing your application please let us know which of these themes your application is aligned with.



Prevention is sometimes better than the cure! If you have a product or service that can help the Health and Social Care sector with prevention of disease or infection then complete your application and outline what it is you do and how it can assist these services.



Sometimes things can’t be prevented and management is the next best thing. Questions such as:

  • how do we make sure we have enough beds in a ward?
  • how can we support people to live independently?
  • how are people protected?
  • how can we aid recovery so people can return home quickly after a hospital stay?
  • how do we ensure that infection or disease is controlled?
  • what do we do for testing?

These are just a few issues that are to be addressed and we are open to applications that address other issues in managing outbreaks and services during an outbreak.



After a pandemic there is always a recovery period, something that we are experiencing at the moment. Although we are not through COVID-19 we are now getting back to the ‘new-normal’. This new normal brings about it, its challenges in how we navigate through this period. Areas that we are keen to explore:

  • how has mental health been affected?
  • how can we mitigate risks for future outbreaks?
  • how are services that were interrupted able to resume?
  • crisis management through further outbreaks or localised outbreaks?
  • working patterns or practices changing the way we deliver health services

Again we’ve only highlighted a few issues that can be looked at within this theme and are interested to hear how you can help with your innovative product or service.


Application form.

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