Our mission is to help solve health and social care challenges by introducing business innovations to market

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We work directly with health and social care providers and pool vital facilities, networks and expertise to create a launchpad for innovative new products or services.


Facilities – to validate concepts, provide high-tech simulation and give feedback


Networks – to accelerate access to shared product or service implementation process


Expertise – vital input from committed and experienced programme delivery partners


You are an SME that has a fantastic idea.

But your challenge is getting in front of the right people to ensure your idea is viable and can be commercialised.

Our commitment to you.

The Bucks Health and Social Care Innovation Hub is committed to working with innovative SMEs like you. We want to give you the support you crave and the access you need to ensure your innovation can make a difference.


The support you need.

Once your idea for a new product or service has been evaluated and you've been accepted into the Bucks HSC Ventures programme, we'll give you direct access to health and social care providers and a pool of experts during the next six months to help you prototype, test, refine and push your innovation forward.

Our commitment to you.

We'll give you vital funding advice so you can explore the possibilities open to you. We hope this will be the catalyst that takes you and your innovation to the next level – and help to address key health and social care challenges now and into the future.


Why Buckinghamshire?

Located at the heart of the Oxford, Cambridge and London 'Golden Triangle of Healthcare Innovation', Buckinghamshire is in a prime position to bring knowledgeable and influential health and social care, academic and local enterprise professionals together.


And as a county with a passion for innovation and continuous improvement, Buckinghamshire can provide the perfect launch pad to get innovative health and social care products or services off the ground.


The authorities in Buckinghamshire are fully committed to providing an open model of innovation in line with clinical strategy, a unique space for academic and commercial research, skilled clinical staff to support and test commercial healthcare solutions, and a willingness to deploy commercially-viable products, procedures or pathways that will benefit the health and social care field.


A European Regional Development Fund programme that is a collaboration between Bucks New University, Bucks Healthcare Trust, Oxford AHSN, Bucks CCG and Buckinghamshire Council.


Applications to join the accelerator programme are accepted twice a year. The application window is open for one month every six months. Expressions of interest are welcome outside this window.


Only UK-registered SMEs are eligible to apply to join our innovation-led accelerator programme that applies lean methodology and human-centred design approaches.


There is currently a big clinician-supported drive to identify and accelerate the introduction of appropriate innovations into the health and social care sector.

If you think your innovative product or service can make a difference, we want to hear from you.

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